leopard print

Leopard Print Top + Full Skirt

I really like the full skater skirts that are in trend right now. They are easy to pair with pretty much any top. Usually i’ll wear this top casually with jeans or shorts but wanted to try it out with a fuller skirt.

Blue Leopard Print Top: Marshals

Black Skater Skirt: Forever21

Wedges: Promiscuous



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Leopard Nail Art

Leopard Nails

Okay, not only do i love leopard print, but i love sparkling nails! So i combined the two and did my own sparkling leopard print nails.

It was actually pretty easy to do. I just painted my nails brown, let it dry, then used a black nail polish with a skinnyskinny brush to make the “C” shapes. Then just did quick dots of gold glitter polish in the the C’s.

The nice thing about creating leopard prints is that its okay to have it not be “perfect” because the shapes are naturally random.  Whiiich really helps me out when im doing the other hand cause im right handed!

Also, I like having my ring fingers slightly different then the rest, i just like that look. So all i did was use the gold glitter in the C shapes as my background. That way it still coordinated.

Hope you like it and give it try! 🙂

Leoparrrd Eyes

Leopard Print Makeup

Leopard print eyes for my friend Juvina. I used a matte terracotta eyeshadow on the lid and a peachy coral in the crease. I drew the spots using an eyeliner pen making a messy “C” shape. I finished the look by filling in the spots using glittery-gold liquid eyeliner and a set of false lashes.