Creating Textured Outfits

Top: Alloy

Jacket: Sugarlips (Stitch Fix)

Pants: Sanctuary

Shoes: Isola

Mix different materials to create a chic textured outfit.

olivia cannizzaro styling

Look for a jacket in a tweed or boucle fabric.

olivia cannizzaro

Choose tops with draping or some kind of applique for dimension.


Shoes that have mesh detailing or cutouts give a subtle edgy flair.

olivia cannizzaro

Quilted bags are a classic and instantly polish off any outfit.



Panther or Puma?

Top: Chanel

Skirt: Alloy

Belt: Vintage

statement belt

This outfit is really simple with a basic black ruched sleeve top (it’s actually my work top from when I used to work at Chanel). I wore it with this subtle snake pattern skirt just to keep in theme with the animal style. The belt is vintage and has cool black and gold embellishments with what I think its a Panther? Maybe a Puma but either way its some kind of wildcat statement belt. For winter I’d probably wear it with black tights and covered wedges.

statement belt



Backstreets Back again, again?

How many times has Backstreet been back? Although I have shamelessly been a BSB fan since I was 13…well no, 11, I feel like I’ve heard this before. But since this is a fashion blog lets take a walk down memory lane with the fashion evolution of the Backstreet Boys.

1994 fresh on the scene

backstreets back

Mid to late 90’s, Brian’s outfit reminds me of Corey Matthew’s style from Boy Meets World

backstreets back

backstreets back

Early 2000’s. Eeeeeshh!..

backstreets back

2006, getting better..i guess

backstreets back

And today. AJ’s sunglasses have always seemed to be part of the band throughout the years.

backstreet boys

Well, no matter how many times BSB reunites again and again, I’m always happy they do.

Backstreets Back ALRIGHT!



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Guys: 3 Steps to Throw on Spring

Here are 3 simple ways to dress for Spring without trying too hard;)

mens wear spring fashion

1) Horizontal Stripes










Stripes are a classic spring pattern and horizontal stripes (rather than vertical) will give a more casual, relaxed look. (NORDSTROM.COM, OLDNAVY.COM)


2) A Colored Shoe

mens fashion spring shoe

mens fashion spring shoe

Add a subtle pop of color since the season calls for brighter shades by wearing colored laces and muted tones. (SPERRYTOPSIDER.COM, SHOES.COM)


3) Light Wash Denims



Just think fresh and light for Spring, stick with a mid to light wash jean. (MRPORTER.COM, RIVERISLAND.COM)




Styling Debbie’s Office Look

Here is how I styled my friend Debbie’s office attire. She works in a creative field as a talented graphic designer for Mixbook, so I wanted this outfit to be fun yet professional. Since its spring, we went with a pastel purple blouse and cream boucle blazer. Next, a statement necklace pulls the whole look together for a feminine chic style.

Blazer: Lumiere

Blouse: American Rag

Necklace: Bay to Baubles (available at Stitch Fix)

Pants: Mossimo

Booties: Fioni

debbie wills, olivia cannizzaro styling

Wearing Radiant Orchid

Pantone’s color of the year has already sprung mixed feelings on the color choice. Ironically this hue falls directly opposite last year’s color, Emerald (which was very popular), on the color wheel.

Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, describes the color as  “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”


Still, there are many ways to incorporate this trend to your style in tasteful ways. Here are some ideas for those of you who love, kinda sorta like, or dislike the trending color.

If you LOVE:

Radiant Orchid 2.jpg
Radiant Orchid 1.jpg

Commit to a full piece- a blouse, skirt, or dress. A bold color like this looks best with neutral colors or basic prints.

If you’re KINDA SORTA:

Radiant Orchid 4.jpg
Radiant Orchid 3.jpg

Just add a touch of Radiant Orchid using accessorizes. Paint your nails, throw on a scarf, add a necklace or ring. Or, work with colors around that hue- lavender, powder pink, etc.

If you HATE:


If this color is just not rocking your world, don’t do it! Fashion is fun, wear what makes you feel great, comfortable, and true to your personal style, not just because “everyone else is doing it.” 🙂


How To: Work Your Jeans

Here are two easy ways you can get a couple different looks using the same outfit. The key is a great pair of jeans (see my favorite brand below) and a chic pair of booties that coordinate well with many tops. I find that cognac and taupe are the most versatile colors in terms of shoes and bag colors.

Work your jeans.jpg


The first look is simple, wear a blouse or tee worn out over your denims. Throw on the booties, and add a collar statement necklace. Simple and Chic.

The second look- tuck your blouse inside your jeans, either all around or just the front. Roll up the cuffs just above your shoes. Add a skinny belt that matches or compliments your booties. Since you are accessorizing the look with the belt, stick with earrings and forgo a statement necklace (unless its dainty).

My favorite brand of jeans is PAIGE. Their quality material is long-lasting and soft. It holds it’s shape throughout the day and feels so comfortable on. Check out their styles on


Try these techniques for yourself and get the most out of your denims!


For the Men: Casual to Dressy

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day…

Boyfriend Material.jpg

…here are some quick tips to take your casual look to dressy with a simple switch of a shoe and tie.

For a nice casual look: pick a solid sweater that can layer over a button up with some kind of print. Wear a shoe that compliments a neutral color in your printed top.

Men's Causal Sweater Look.jpg

To dress it up: Switch out the shoes for a dressier pair, and add a tie to the printed top- but tucked behind the sweater. If your overall look has more muted colors, try adding a subtle pop of color with the tie. Simple and quick.

Men's Causal Sweater, Dressy Look.jpg

Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!