I’m gonna be a…

Auntie!! Or in my family, Zia:) My brother and sister-in-law are having their first little baby -baby girl that is! So oooof course, I got right to shopping for this little chica. Shoes, jackets, dresses..I can’t wait to see her in them with a little bun on her head and mini sunglasses! I could post tons of pictures of her future wardrobe, but to spare you, here is just one…for now;)

Her “Chanel” style purse

Purse for Baby



Mio Babbo

My dad and I went to a Mercedes Benz Presentation for a company giveaway, so I styled us both:) I like the casual look men and the polka-dot tie is cool for my dad;) My outfit is simple too with wide-leg jeans and i think tall wedge sandals look great with those style denims.

jimmy cannizzaro olivia

Hope you liked it! Have a beautiful day everyone♥