Backstreets Back again, again?

How many times has Backstreet been back? Although I have shamelessly been a BSB fan since I was 13…well no, 11, I feel like I’ve heard this before. But since this is a fashion blog lets take a walk down memory lane with the fashion evolution of the Backstreet Boys.

1994 fresh on the scene

backstreets back

Mid to late 90’s, Brian’s outfit reminds me of Corey Matthew’s style from Boy Meets World

backstreets back

backstreets back

Early 2000’s. Eeeeeshh!..

backstreets back

2006, getting better..i guess

backstreets back

And today. AJ’s sunglasses have always seemed to be part of the band throughout the years.

backstreet boys

Well, no matter how many times BSB reunites again and again, I’m always happy they do.

Backstreets Back ALRIGHT!



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