Month: October 2012

A Fairytale Masquerade

Masquerade makeup

Masquerade Makeup

Masquerade Makeup

Its October!! Which means fall and leaves and pumpkins and halloweeennn! What I really like most about Halloween is the excuse to dress up & make believe as much as we want regardless of age. So for me as a makeup artist, its sucha fun time for me to go all out with makeup artistry for friends and family.

I again used my  beautiful friend Debbie as a model to create this “Faitytale Masquerade”. I used a really pretty shimmery blue eyeshadow around her eyes because for some reason blue looks really neat with brown eyes. Then I had it fade to a beautiful purple, the reason really was because I couldn’t decide whether to make a blue mask or purple mask…so i just did both!

And of course, rhinestones! I can’t resist them. It is fairytale-ish so sparkle is a given 🙂

I have some more mask designs in my mind so i might do a few more so keep checking in!

Also, I have a ton more pictures on my facebook page of other looks I’ve done so if you’re up for it, become a fan and like my page!